As is


The tentative grade I received on a very important analysis plan I turned in nearly two weeks ago.

I have received the grace jof rewriting it for a better grade.

Yea for grace.  But nay for the tears, frustration and disappointment that the email with that news brought.

Here’s a big, important lesson I’ve learned about grad school two months in….

You’re going to mess up.

You’re going to be sitting in your dry, perfect pink bathtub in the apartment you fought for, drowning yourself in those tears and maybe some vodka and writing this post because that’s where the best wifi hotspot is until Comcast shows up on Wednesday.

Yes, my wifi hotspot is in my bathtub…

Anyways, back to the effin up part.

This, as much as I hate it was supposed to happen.

I was supposed to be reminded in some way that grad school and making a move 1,000 miles away was effin hard.

To be frank, it’s hell.

I miss my friends, even though I’ve made some stellar new ones.

You know, the ones that bring you soup when they hear you aren’t well.

The ones that settle you in to your perfect apartment with their favorite camping chair and sleeping bag because your stuff won’t be there until Wednesday.

Because they want you to be comfortable, they want you to feel loved and safe.

And I do but it’s a little uncomfortable….

and it’s ok.