Marriage isn’t an achievement


Why is a single, 34-year-old girl like me talking about marriage?

Because when you are 34 and single, people who are married like to fixate on the fact that you aren’t married.

Liked you missed the boat or something.

I’m 34, I have a Bachelor’s in Political Science. My professional life has included working for one of the most powerful political action committees to working in one of the top urban school systems. I moved to a great city to start my masters in Public Policy 4 months ago.

I would nothing more to share my life with someone and maybe have a kid or two.

It appears to me that as a society we view “getting married” like we view graduating from college, getting a new job or running a marathon.

Committing to marrying someone is so much deeper than that.

You could have the most amazing wedding, the one all your family and friends talk about forever.

People danced, everything went off without a hitch, there was plenty of food and libations and somehow you didn’t get anything on your dress.

And you wake up the next morning to the person of your dreams.

Here’s the deal, that person? The person who you married during your perfect wedding the night before, is the person you made a commitment to continue working with in a relationship.

Relationships are hard work, no matter what type.

And sometimes it’s tough.

At this point, you may be wondering why someone like me is talking about a subject she doesn’t know anything about it.

It’s true, I’m single and have never been married.

But I’ve witnessed enough to know that we aren’t doing marriage right.

Somehow we got lost in the taffeta, buttercream and perfect first dance song.

Have the wedding of your dreams…

But remember the person you’re waking up to the next day, is the person more important than any of the above.

The person you are choosing to continue the journey with.

February Stitch Fix

Third time is a charm in my last month’s Stitch Fix box.  I subscribe to Stitch Fix every other month and have been owrking with my stylist to find some great pieces.  What I love about Stitch Fix is that they work with you to find your ideal pieces.  I have supplied my sylist with my Pinterest boards and will share with her items I love that Stitch Fix has posted on social media.  They can’t always guarantee that you’ll get every item you request but they do their best.

Every box contains 5 items, and the subscription costs $20.00 per box.  The $20 is applied towards your total purchase from anything in your box.  If you purchase all 5 items, you get an additional 25% off!

This fix was aweomse and I ended up keeping 3 items!

Two amazing sweaters from Olive & Oak.  They are perfect winter to spring transitional pieces and look great with leggings or jeans.

IMG_5698 IMG_5711

This Urban Expressions Richie Asymmetrical Clutch was one of my requests and my stylist found it for me!  So of course I had to keep it.  I love that it’s blue and has a lot of room.  Perfect for a lunch date or girl’s night.


I’ve already worn these pieces several time and use the clutch nearly every weekend.

What are your favorite pieces you got in your last Stitch Fix?

Happy Shopping!


{Boston Bites} The Abbey

PicMonkey Collage

Located in Washington Square, (with another location in Porter Square-Cambridge) The Abbey is a quaint, bustling eatery with intriguing dishes and craft cocktails.  They offer lunch, drinks, and a full dinner menu until 1am.

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable.  The Fish Tacos are refreshing for a small dinner or filling lunch.  They also feature a daily special Flatbread featuring ingredients as goat cheese, fresh basil and mushrooms.

Feeling a bit adventurous on the drink side of things?  Try the Cranberry Sparkler or many of their draft beers.  Also, they feature an electic wine list and spirits as well.

Items to try:  The tantalizing Fish Tacos, or the satisfying Sausage and Pepper Spring Rolls.  Many other amazing dishes are found on their menu.

Open Sunday through Saturday 11am-2am.

Life Lately

Life Lately

It’s been crazy these past couple of months and I can’t believe how time has flown by.

My 6-month Boston anniversary was on February 21st and couldn’t be happier to be here.


Even if it didn’t stop snowing for nearly 2 months.  As an Ohio native, I love snow but I have to agree with my fellow Bostonians that this winter was a bit much. Over 100 inches!  Thankfully it’s starting to melt.  I even caught sight this weekend of benches at the Cooliage Corner T-Stop that I hadn’t seen since the beginning of January.  Signs of Spring are showing up in Boston slowly but surely.  I’ve been doing my best to manifest it by buying fresh flowers every week and wearing my Boston Red Sox hat.


Life is busy but good.  My classes for graduate school this semester are a big test of endurance and mental capacity.  I’m getting through it but it’s hard.  I’m okay with that as I’ve always believed the hardest journeys are the most worth it.  I’m learning a lot and most importantly growing as a person.  I’ll be finished by May or August of 2016 and after that, who knows!?

I’ve picked up some new habits as well…

First, an addiction to this fun drink:



I love all of the flavors especially the Blood Orange.  A party for a my taste buds and I have yet to mix it with vodka…hmm.

Late in February I hopped on the Pure Barre train.  A coworker of mine talked me into it and I have to say I’m addicted.  I completed my 11th class yesterday and am 15 classes away from completing the Pure Barre March Challenge, 20 classes in 31 days.  It’s challenging and sometimes I have to modify but it’s my favorite exercise program that I have tried.  It also gives me 55 minutes to myself to focus on the intricate moves and not think about anything else.  It might be almost as good as vodka…almost.


I’m very glad I latched on to Pure Barre.  If you have a Pure Barre in your area, I strongly encourage you to try a class.  Any of my fellow bloggers LTB (Lift, Tone and Burn) as well?

I’m on Spring Break from my classes this week so I’m looking forward to catching up on some reading.  I’ve been a subscriber to the Sunday New York Times on and off for years and decided to welcome that habit back into my life.  I love reading every section but start of with the Sunday Styles section and go from there.  As much as technology makes newspapers and other media outlets accessible, I love holding an actual newspaper, magazine or book in my hand.  I also can’t wait to dig in to Lara Casey’s book!

IMG_5812I’ve been a fan of hers for years and am so happy that she put a book out.  I’m also chipping aware slowly but surely on my Powersheets.  How are you Making It Happen in 2015?

Finally, I got word last week that a spot opened up for me to attend the 2015 Simmons Leadership Conference in April.  I am so excited about a day full of sessions, networking and amazing keynote speakers…Arianna Huffington and Sally Field are on the roster!  I can’t wait!

Life is great right now and I can’t wait to share more!